About Us

Our product was created several years ago by Todd Murphy under the name EcoChem Pro.  For the last few years he has been using it to clean some of the dirtiest and hard to clean places on the planet.  Paper mills and factories.  These organizations needed a eco-friendly cleaning option that wouldn't harm their workers or surfaces.  As Todd was busy cleaning the factories and mills his wife Kelly began using it to clean everything around their home and quickly stopped using all the other cleaning products.  She realized that by simply diluting for various cleaning applications she could clean floors, countertops, the oven, and even glass and mirrors!  They began sharing the product with friends and family and when every cleaning challenge raised its head, Kelly would simply say "Just Eco It!"  And just like that, Just Eco became our brand. 

Soon after Todd reached out to his friend Eli Regalado who has extensive experience in marketing consumer products and sent him some samples.  Eli and his wife Kaitlyn quickly realized that this cleaner was better than everything they had used and partnered up with Todd and Kelly to take it to market.

Our hope is you will try for yourself and see why families all over the world are saying Just Eco It!